Lead Nurture & Follow-up

A lot of realtors run ads, but it can take 6-8 months to close a lead.

With Brandora’s Lead Nurture service, you’ll stay top of mind the whole time.


Are you letting great leads go “cold”?

We can take your prospects from an ad click to a phone call.

You’ve got your lists, you’ve run your ads. Now what?

Things aren’t as simple anymore: prospects do a lot of research before committing, so you need to stay with them while they do.


Brandora can keep you top of mind - for as long as needed



Despite all the noise, email’s still the best channel to reach your contacts.

We use email to pre-qualify your leads, “warm” them up, and keep you on top of their mind.

Text Messages

Unlike emails, nearly all text messages get read.

Keep in touch with your prospects - even if you can’t get through into their inbox.

Ringless Voicemails

Leave each prospect a personalized, recorded message in your own voice.

All without ever ringing their phone!