In-Market Lead Data

Target the 3% that are looking to buy OR SELL a property NOW.

No more wasteful marketing.


Target those who matter

With InMarket, you can target only interested homebuyers who are more likely to click on your ads and get on a call with you.

Plus, your audience in smaller and therefore less expensive to advertise to.

Reach your prospects first

Our technology can find interested prospects BEFORE they enter the market, so you can start marketing to them way before any of your competition does.


With a small target audience, you can focus your ad spend on having your marketing appear as often and in as many places as possible.

Social media, search engines, websites: you name it.


InMarket targeting that’s based on behavior, NOT demographics

Here’s how it works:


We analyze your ideal prospect behavior

What does your ideal prospect do online prior to buying a property in your area?
Our advanced AI analyzes 25 billion data points every day to answer this question.

We identify their path to purchase

Using this data, our AI reconstructs the online behavior of your ideal prospect in the days/weeks/months prior to purchase.

(Including browsing, searches, and social media activity)

We find your ideal prospects

Our system maintains a real-time list of individuals whose online behavior matches your ideal prospect.

You can use this list for highly-accurate marketing.

We continue learning

As our system generates more data, it continues to improve.

This way, the results we provide you get even better with time.


You own the data. You choose the platform.

With Brandora’s InMarket targeting, you’re not renting data or locked into a specific advertising platform. Your data is yours and you choose the way you want to use it.