5 Reasons Why Real Estate Brokers should use Artificial Intelligence with In-Market Targeting

5 Reasons Why Real Estate Brokers should use Artificial Intelligence with In-Market Targeting

Online advertising can feel like shooting in the dark. While there are few targeting options based on demographics that you can check off, and you can tailor your message, in the grand scheme of things it’s all trial and error until you hit that bullseye —that right customer, at the right time, in the right place.

You don’t need to market to the haystack anymore: focus on the needle instead. Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, these days are over.

As we track a massive amount of search data to analyze behavioral signals, In-Market Targeting allows you to target web users who are actually looking to buy a property, or to hire a broker to list their property.

In-market Targeting is a way to connect with property owners in market and buyers who are actively researching or comparing properties. This way, you can target only active buyers and active sellers and not waste your ad spend. You can increase the overall effectiveness of your advertising and ROI.

Here are the five reasons why brokers should use In-Market Targeting

  1. Market only to who matter: target active buyers and active sellers. Connect with them while they’re actively browsing, researching, comparing properties. Drive incremental conversions.

  2. Predict who’s going to be in the market. Leverage real-time data and gain frame control: be first to present your services to owners and homebuyers before your competitors do.

  3. Get your commission faster, shorten your sales cycle: drive highly qualified users to your site and improve overall marketing efficiency.

  4. Canvas and nurture your leads when you sleep: be omnipresent, follow your in-market prospects throughout their journey online, and be top of mind. Auto follow-up with past clients when they go back in market.

  5. Use an industry first technology to close more deals before your competitor. Only one broker per zip code.

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