Real Estate Scheduling Tips for Instagram and Linkedin

Real Estate Scheduling Tips for Instagram and Linkedin

An effective social media marketing strategy is one that’s organized, well-planned and which incorporates lots of informative content. Once you’ve polished your real estate website and hosted a significant amount of content, it’s time to schedule your social media posts around such resources and establish a plan of action for regular activity appropriate to each major social network.

This might sound hectic, but you don’t need to spend tons of hours to extract substantial results from social media. All it takes to succeed in social media marketing for real estate is knowing what and when to publish and also the right tools to use. Discover how to fine-tune your posting plan and organize your social media scheduling tasks.


Content to Share: Photos and videos of listings, clients, neighborhoods, local businesses and your office.

When to Post: Afternoons, every day of the week

Frequency of posting: A few times daily (Ensure a good mix of videos and photos)

Arguably one of the most leisure social networks around, posting on Instagram is as simple as point, shoot and share. An incredible platform that allows you to showcase beautiful shots of your listings, community, and of course yourself on the job. There is no one proper posting frequency schedule for this photo- and video-sharing network. As long as you publish at least a few photos and videos on a daily basis, you’re in good shape.

Originality should be a priority while Instagramming, so be sure to keep your recordings and images fresh. In short, make use of best practices on Instagram to get plenty of users “favoriting” your content.

One’s best bet for Instagram success is to gradually stock up on photos and videos over time so that you have a well-stocked library with you and don’t need to worry about having enough to post regularly. Some Instagram automation tools even make it simple to schedule photos, thus saving you lots of hours each week.


Content to Share: Company updates, announcements, answers for buyers/sellers, external content, blog posts, etc.

When to Post: Late morning or early afternoon during weekdays.

Frequency of posting: A couple of updates per day is ideal, but be sure to monitor conversations in related groups.

LinkedIn can be quite the real estate lead generation tool. All it takes to generate leads on the channel is to make your presence prominent on the site — like creating a detailed and informative Company Page — and taking advantage of bonus features like Groups.

Shortlist groups that are either related to your locality or specifically for prospective buyers and sellers in your area. Even if you don’t directly provide solutions, you can make a name for yourself as a considerate local professional who helps out fellow community members.

Regularly publishing blog posts on your Company Page is a must, while engagement in Groups can set you apart from other agents.

If activity on your Company Page is low, make use of LinkedIn’s advanced search feature to discover specific individuals in your market to connect with. As with other social media platforms, it’s important to steadily grow your LinkedIn network so your content can reach them.