3 Reasons to Invest in LinkedIn Marketing

3 Reasons to Invest in LinkedIn Marketing

Software giant Microsoft made history when they acquired professional networking platform LinkedIn for $26.2 billion, one of the largest acquisitions for the company. The acquisition was perplexing for many, but Microsoft and LinkedIn seem a pretty good fit together, as the bulk of LinkedIn’s members form Microsoft’s primary customers. This tie-up gives MS access to an enormous amount of data and direct connections to the people they wish to transform into a long-term business.

However, these are the same reasons why other businesses also should incorporate the social network into their marketing strategy. There are quite a few more benefits that LinkedIn has for you.

Leverage Customer Networks

LinkedIn offers the ability to scout the relationships of your current customers, future prospects and the contacts of theirs including possible vendor and supplier networks.

You can go through your connections and examine others they’re connected to. Review profiles for interests and pay particular attention to the groups they’re part of. Take note of the relevant groups and join in.

Individual’s profiles provide input for better methods of engagement while also revealing more opportunities to garner leads from the people and groups they are connected to. By joining such groups, you stand to gain access to more prospective audience segments and also additional space to share your content.

Visibility For Your Content

Sponsored Updates is one of the best ways to position content in front of a highly-targeted audience on LinkedIn. If you are looking to build credibility among your existing connections and prospects, you can use this feature to target a very focused audience.

Once you have some high-value content shared on your LinkedIn feed, you can also promote them through LinkedIn’s ad platform as well to get the best reach. You can also share such content with any relevant LinkedIn groups where you’re looking to build engagement with prospects.

The layered targeting on LinkedIn makes it easy to connect with the right people, and the analytics within LinkedIn helps you track the effectiveness of your sponsored content.

You can compare the results of your non-sponsored posts with paid campaigns to see how they stack up against each other. You can adjust your strategy accordingly to improve engagement.

Gain Additional Leads

Your website will be the perfect platform for your content and a big source of organic traffic as you generate more content and promote it. There are plenty of suitable places to promote content, like LinkedIn’s publishing platform, LinkedIn Pulse.

Open to anyone with a LinkedIn account, it’s a simple interface with a WYSIWYG editor much like posting on WordPress. You can either create unique content or re-purpose some of your existing content for the platform.

If you have previous articles, videos, podcasts or webinars that have performed particularly well, you can re-purpose any such content into a new post to be published on LinkedIn Pulse.

Publishing such content on LinkedIn Pulse puts it directly in front of your established connections as well as a brand new audience. It helps position you as an expert or a thought leader, providing solutions and valuable ideas. This can entice entirely new prospects - who otherwise may have never caught wind of you - into your funnel.