The 3 major benefits of CRM for Real Estate Agents

The 3 major benefits of CRM for Real Estate Agents

With a wide range of uses, it is not surprising that real estate agents apply CRM to their line of work. While most agents see it only as a means to assist in client management, some include it as an essential part of their overall marketing, lead generation and conversion strategy.

In reality, real estate CRM can accomplish all these things and much more. We give you the main reasons for all real estate agents to benefit from adopting a CRM into their business plans.

Consolidating Data

All successful real estate agents make use of more than one lead generation stream. You are most likely get your lead contact information from your network, website, various social media channels, direct mail campaigns and other possible avenues. Keeping up with multiple tables or datasheets of all these potential leads is awkward, clunky and time-consuming.

By using CRM as an integral part of your day-to-day real estate business, you’ll find that information from all these channels are consolidated and available in one place. This data can be easily accessed, organized and managed via laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.

Communicating with Clients

No matter how complicated or time & resource consuming it is to sell houses, each and every house that has ever been sold was because of communication - between agents, sellers and potential buyers. At times, the difference between making a sale on the house or not is as simple as answering a phone call. Most modern CRM tools include customizable auto-response features that provide an immediate response to anyone who might reach out to you.

While these auto-responses aren’t exactly the most personal or effective method of responding to clients, it is very much better than an inquiry going unnoticed and without response. You should opt for a response that acknowledges its nature instead of something that seems remote and disingenuous.

“Oops, Sorry for the auto-response! I’m out for a meeting at present. I want you to know that I received your message and will reach out to you as soon as I possibly can. Thank you for understanding!”

Any simple response of this sort can make the potential client feel that you are not ignoring them and make them want to stick around – always the key to maintaining a relationship with a client.

Automation of Tasks and Workflows

With an appropriate real estate CRM, you can combine the personal touch of your individuality with the efficiency of automation. For starters, it can help you send out “Happy Home Buying Anniversary” messages to your clients. You only need to draft an email, and the CRM will send it out to those with the appropriate anniversary date.

You can do large batches in one go which means your CRM does most of the heavy lifting. You can automate your CRM to do this and much more functions for you!