Three tips to effective real estate promotion on Facebook

Three tips to effective real estate promotion on Facebook

Real estate promotions on Facebook can be a great way to pull in new business, but it isn’t as easy as many would have you believe. It might take months of effort and dedication before your strategy on Facebook pays off. Patience is the name of the game when it comes to cultivating leads on this social network.

Regardless, growing your client pool without spending additional money on advertising, will be worth it. So how to achieve marketing success on Facebook? Here are a few tips for successful real estate campaigns on Facebook.

Showcase your services and post content of value for your clients

When you have a Facebook page to promote your real estate business, you need to ensure that the content you put out is 100% professional and polished. No using a business page to rant about the system or hassles of day-to-day life. You should treat it as an extension of the excellent service your clients can expect from you as their agent.

You might have a hard time finalizing the type of content to host on your page, start by asking yourself this: What will be of value to your clients? Endless posts of listings aren’t useful for most clients, more so on social media. On the other hand, information on mortgage and local news are often more pertinent to potential real estate clients.

Downplay your accomplishments, focus on your clients

If you are focused too much on your business, you may come across as conceited and only caring about your success. So, instead of focusing your content on yourself, concentrate on your clients’ interests. This will help you market your services to potential clients and communicate your competency as an agent.

The next time you close a sale, don’t post about it, but take a picture of your clients being ecstatic about their new home and ask them to share their story on your Facebook page. Through this, the focus turns onto their success, and the content will convey your incredible ability to help clients in their real estate goals.

Going beyond “likes” and more of authentic engagement.

If you really wish for your Facebook marketing efforts to pay off, engage with your audience! It’s important that you post content on your business page on a regular basis, but it’s the interaction with your clients (prospective or existing) that really counts. As a thumb rule, committing about 20 percent to content and 80 percent to user engagement seems to be the most effective in balancing the two.

One of the best ways to engage your Facebook following is to comment on their relevant posts. Always be responsive when someone asks you a question. This goes to show others that you are active and accommodating. Keep in mind this important bit: A Facebook “like” doesn’t take much effort, but taking the time to actually comment or respond goes a long way to show your commitment.