Three major ways for real estate players to grow their social media following

Three major ways for real estate players to grow their social media following

The question on the minds of many real estate players is “How to nurture your social media profile and increase your reach?” If you start behaving on your social media accounts like you’re the only one who matters, it will soon turn into a mid-day soap opera — you’ll lose viewers.

The answer is this: By creating more relationships with people and building upon existing ones. There are tons of advice around on how to do that, but it doesn’t matter until you start doing it. You’ll never get the attention you deserve unless you take action on that front. Here, we aim to show you actionable ways to build and grow relationships with people on major social platforms.


In order to grow an audience out of nothing on Facebook, one needs to leverage someone else’s audience. Start off by identifying a few companies or individuals on Facebook who share the same customer base with you but are not direct competition.

For instance, if you’re a Realtor looking at local lenders, title companies and regional news outlets are a great place to begin. Once you’ve made up your list, you need to set up notifications for all these pages to see every time they post. Regularly participate in the comments section for these posts and interact/engage with individuals who are adding value to the discussion. Your goal is to build a similar audience, by adding value to a discussion they have started.

By commenting and interacting with others, you’re not selling anything, but merely facilitating discussion. The more discussions you conduct, the more your exposure grows, the more views your page gets, and the more you get to build your audience. This eventually leads to inquiries and rapport building.


One of the favorites to build an audience, the fast-paced platform allows you to engage directly on certain topics, all in a crisp 140 characters.

The strategy is simple enough: Using Twitter to find people in your area. It’s as simple as heading over to Twitter and typing something into the search bar. Maybe “moving to Austin,” for starters.

You are sure to come across tweet(s) from people planning to buy houses in Austin. Though these can be considered leads, but rather thin ones you need to build upon. The key to approaching someone on social media is to be friendly, not “salesy”.


A great platform to network with other professionals. You can showcase your knowledge or expertise in several ways, but what you should focus on is articles via the blogging platform, LinkedIn Pulse. Every time an article is posted on LinkedIn, his or her network is notified of it.

But first, you need to ensure your content is up to par. Too many shameless self-promoting blogs will have people tuning you out. Dust your best blog post, and republish it on LinkedIn. If the content is engaging, you will gain followers and see a ton of followers for your content.

These actionable pieces of advice won’t cost anything but time and may benefit you in a huge way in the long run.