Five Social Media Management Tips for Real Estate Marketers

Five Social Media Management Tips for Real Estate Marketers

Real estate marketing used to be limited to bus stop benches, classifieds and newspaper pull-outs. But those days are long gone, real estate has taken to online, and is going social at a hectic pace.

The art and strategies of social media have led to a powerful community being enabled in real estate, and it can have a considerable impact on a marketer’s success. There are any number of seemingly minor things that can make a huge difference when planning a strategy for social media marketing in real estate.

We have for you a few tips from experts in the field on how to use social media for real estate marketing. These can be applicable for businesses beyond real estate as well. Here are a few of the most important tips for marketers in real estate:


The key to being successful on social media is consistency in posting content and engagement. You cannot just post on Facebook or Tweet once in a long while and expect results. You need to be present everyday—just like with your work, phone calls, email and with the rest of your marketing strategy.

You can make use of a tool like HootSuite to schedule your messages. You can compose a few messages in one go and schedule these posts to “drip” out in intervals during the day.

Fine Tune your Content Strategy

You need to have a solid content strategy to be successful on social media in the long term. Ask yourself about the type of content most suited to your brand, relevant for your audience and where you can get that. Then, plan a content grid or editorial calendar where you can chart the topics you plan to post over the next few weeks.

Real Estate is Local

When planning your content strategy, make sure to focus on your area by including things that locals know. Buying or selling houses is not only about the home—it’s about the locality – the parks, the schools and so much more. Your potential clients will love that hyper-local information—this is one area that can really set you apart as a local real estate pro.

Listen Around

Understand that conversation doesn’t just have to be on your Facebook page or Twitter stream. It can happen in Facebook groups, in chatter on social platforms and throughout Twitter. Be aware of conversations going on in your social circles about real estate and jump in. These conversations will occur whether you are present or not—so it’ll be better with you there.

Measure the Success of Your Efforts

Be aware of your Facebook posts and Tweets that get the highest number of clicks or engagement. Know how much of your web traffic come through social networks? Try to know where your audience is at.

Make sure you check your HootSuite Analytics regularly to gauge your progress. You can integrate your Facebook Insights and Google Analytics into HootSuite to see the larger picture.