5 Ways LinkedIn Can Be A Useful Tool For Real Estate Agents

5 Ways LinkedIn Can Be A Useful Tool For Real Estate Agents


Most of us are creatures of habit. For many of us, checking a device, reading the news and briefly scanning the social networks before you begin the day at work is a regular habit.

People have differing even conflicting views of the real estate business, but it all essentially boils down to: scouting for new business. We meet someone, look for common ground, try to build rapport and eventually move the conversation toward executing business.

So it makes no sense that real estate agents who often talk (non-stop) about their businesses avoid a tailor-made platform such as LinkedIn. Admitted, scouting for links can be tough but profitable in the long run. Here are a few ways LinkedIn can be useful to real estate marketers.


Works particularly well with erstwhile colleagues, alumni groups, casual acquaintances, etc. A past client can connect with you when they want to make a deal in your region or an alumni reaches out for help in buying an apartment.

Self Promotion:

There are few things stronger than “Recommendations,” what others have to say about you. Good reviews prove that you are someone that the writer considers valuable. The icing on the cake would be dishing out advice to individuals with real estate related podcasts.

Referrals and Alliances:

Real estate people in other regions, other professionals you have a relationship with and all other alliances outside of the real estate field are all excellent examples of individuals you can find and engage on LinkedIn. Believe it or not; outside of real estate, there are many other organizations in which you can be an active volunteer or board member.


Meeting a prospect? You would do well to take a look at their Linkedin profile and learn more than any other Google-sleuthing can.


Almost always a great reason to reach out and congratulate someone.

No matter what the platform is, providing value is key to all relationships. LinkedIn is a great place to engage with other people and speak about business, be it your knowledge of an upcoming pipeline, new developments or even mere sharing of views about business. It is a potential gold mine of context so that communications can be targeted and customized.

Of course, you need to keep it professional; it’s not a place you would discuss your dog or the movies. Almost everybody will connect on LinkedIn, and it is only logical to engage on a professional basis. It is different from being friends on Facebook. Eventually, many of your clients become friends (or vice-versa) and most often provide referrals.

You should not miss out on this splendid opportunity - outside of your other interactions (real world connections, existing clients, etc.) Understanding the platform you use to engage in business, and the nature of audiences involved is essential in learning to maximize your returns.

Try it out and let us know of your experiences (either good or bad) on LinkedIn.