The 5 Industries Best Suited for Social Media Marketing

The 5 Industries Best Suited for Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing is relatively new and based on a technology that didn’t previously exist. No wonder it’s a divisive strategy, and many business owners continue to resist it, branding it a fad and a waste of time. Several other business owners believe their particular industry can’t possibly benefit from social media marketing.

A large number of business owners lie somewhere between the extremes of successful implementation and outright rejection.

Given this scenario, some businesses certainly stand to benefit from social media more than others. For instance, a company with a high, conversion-optimized website obviously stands to benefit from increased traffic more than one with a rudimentary landing page and little else. Personal relationship oriented businesses stand to gain more rather than one-and-done product based ones.

We take a look at a few of them:

1. Real Estate

The industry depends on a lot of visibility and networking, both of which are available in spades on social media. Most real estate agents garner business through references, and references are much easier to obtain when your contacts are only a mere click away. The strength and personality of an agent's profile can make a big difference for customers considering different options.

2. Legal

Another area where charisma and reputation count more than anything else. People look to work with someone they trust, and someone who is knowledgeable. Attorneys or law firms can use social media to show off their knowledge, provide (limited) information to user questions, and establish their brand.

3. Human Resources/Recruiting

It is often hard to find the “perfect fit” for an open position. With social media, you can cast the widest net possible and showcase the best of your brand in order to recruit the best talent.

4. B2C Retail

Countless brands have made use of the mass marketing potential of social media. They started out building brand recognition among total strangers, who often chanced across a random image of a product they had been unacquainted with.

Facebook and Twitter are almost custom-made platforms for reaching large numbers of individuals at once, making them ideal for retail companies. Such brands could also make good use of brand evangelists, who share everything you post and consequently attracting even more people.

5. Technology

The industry is “hot”—with constant flux, and people are evidently interested, so they’re naturally more attuned to the happenings on social media. Social media provides the perfect platforms for you to show off stuff that makes them special. It also makes it easier to provide support through useful tips or walking people through troubleshooting steps.

In the end, social media marketing is more effective for some industries than others, but any industry can take advantage of it if they approach it with the right goals and the right strategies. Establish a foundation for a good content strategy, focus on the primary goals, and start building something.

Remember: social media platforms are almost universally free (unless you’re building on a paid advertising campaign.) You don’t have much to lose by trying it out.