Marketing Real Estate in 2017, 4 Trends to Keep in Mind

Marketing Real Estate in 2017, 4 Trends to Keep in Mind

2017 is just around the corner, and we can no longer put off drafting our marketing strategy for the coming year. With that in mind, these are the prominent trends that will emerge in the new year.

However, remember that no radical change in marketing is going to occur overnight, and content will reign supreme as it has for the past few years. But what is likely to change is how content will evolve in relation to the times and how search engines are going to rank those different types of content.

1. Creativity in Content and Formats

Mere blog posts won't do anymore; you have to get creative. Especially with visual content that appeals to your target base and which they are more likely to share.

Content can take many shapes and sizes: text, sounds, images, animations, video, illustrations, etc. Content can be anything that adds value to a user’s experience wherever they visit you, be it your website or social media.

Search engines will turn more sophisticated and capable of indexing more than simple text, so no need to be worried about the impact of less copy and more of other content.

2. Don’t Float, Dive In

The days of broad general content are over. When crafting content, it's not enough to just scratch the surface — you have to dig deep. Get into as much detail as possible.

There is a lot of general information out there that is of not much value. What makes you stand apart is your in-depth knowledge of the various aspects or features of a particular subject. So if you are an expert in international or industrial real estate, demonstrate it through your content.

3. Video is the Star

Videos give you the highest return on investment, and that holds true across all platforms. Even a smartphone can be used to shoot videos. Go on and share as many as possible, you’re sure to get more engagement.

Make sure you include captions and descriptions. Most people have their audio on mute when they watch videos on social media; they prefer to read(!)

4. Acquisition vs. Retention

Marketers tend to focus on client acquisition rather than retention. However, after a year or so, most homebuyers forget their agent’s name. So if you want to be remembered, you need to nurture the relationship. Your transaction is not over with the signing of the contract.

You should make every effort to retain the loyalty of your existing clients. Make sure to communicate regularly and obtain credible referrals.

Some other trends of 2017 include live video streaming, native advertising (again), shorter content, greater use of virtual reality/augmented reality and web design that focuses on mobile devices.

Be sure that you account for these while drafting your marketing plan for 2017.