Essential Apps for Real Estate Agents

Essential Apps for Real Estate Agents

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Everybody needs the best for themselves, and realtors too are not any different. That's why posts like “The Best X Apps for Real Estate Agents on the Go’ or ‘The Best Tablet Apps for Real Estate Agents’ get a lot of attention. And most of these articles are full of useful advice for professionals of all stripes, new (and better) tools are always coming out that it’s a chore keeping up.

With that in mind, these are the five essential apps every agent should have. Most of these are not your regular business apps, but rather popular utilities that can be of use to you professionally.


 One of the veterans in this line-up, the Buffer app lets you schedule all of your social media posts on the go. You can gather interesting things to post, and add them to Buffer. It will post these in intervals, spacing them out instead of bombarding your audience all at once.

The recent addition of scheduling Pinterest posts is inexpensive and worth it. If your real estate blog has a lot of images or rich in graphics, Pinterest can be a powerful source of referral traffic.


Help is just a tap away with this security app! This nifty app turns your smartphone into your personal security system. A must for agents who are always on the go and out in the field at all times. It can stream live video, audio, and GPS data to your own circle of personal contacts at the press of a button. It has even a stealth mode that lets you record discreetly as the situation warrants.


A mileage tracker that uses smart drive-detection technology to capture, log and compute your business runs. You just swipe one way or other to categorize personal and business trips. MileIQ gives an accurate record log of your miles that makes it easy for you to claim any deductions or reimbursements. It automatically records your mileage every time you drive, running quietly in the background. It stores data in the cloud that enables you to easily compile and export reports as needed, regardless of location.


This popular live streaming app can also be made use of for entirely business purposes. Periscope broadcasts live video, making it handy for capturing video of listings as they hit the market and announcing any updates to your clients. Recipients can replay your Periscope broadcast for up to 24 hours, and also allows them to share your broadcasts with their contacts.


By no stretch of imagination will Dubsmash make you more productive, but surely will make you laugh. The popular app makes it easy for you to lip-sync over a short clip, a popular song, a famous movie line or a variety of other phrases resulting in hilarious videos. It’s fun, silly and also very effective. Watch the likes and retweets stack up once you share your creations on social media.

Admit it, we all would like to have a little fun once in a while. All the more fun if it can be of some productive use too like gaining more followers. Right?