The need for Inbound Marketing in Real Estate

The need for Inbound Marketing in Real Estate

You have invested considerable time, energy, and money in your website. Now it is time to get returns from your investment. Ideally, your site should be generating ample leads for you. But is it doing enough? Are you satisfied with the volume of leads you are getting? If not, why?

If you are not content with the number of leads then, you are doing something wrong. Having a website in place is not merely enough. Are you looking for leads in the right places? Leverage your website and generate more leads with a tailored inbound marketing plan for real estate.


We all want to grow our business and these leads fuel our business growth. Inbound marketing is a tested and proven real estate marketing strategy. Almost every company that uses inbound marketing efficiently succeeds in increasing leads through their website. Don’t look at other channels to generate leads, inbound marketing alone is sufficient for that. Let’s take a look at ways to help increase inbound leads.


It is estimated that the average agent spends around $200 on their website in a year. It is widely known that the more one spends, the more leads and profit one gains. Search traffic is of paramount importance and inbound marketing results in an increase in traffic to your site. A well-designed search strategy incorporates keywords to increase your reach through organic search. With more people visiting your website, you have that much more opportunities to convert into leads and fuel your business.


A social media presence is a must in any marketing plan. According to National Association of REALTORS®, more than half of real estate agents use social media. So be social, even if you are not inclined to be. Social media platforms are a great place to display your business identity and interact with your customers. One does not need a huge following to be successful, just differentiate, distinguish and promote yourself to become a trusted expert resource in your niche.

According to research, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter – in that order of importance are the most effective platforms for business. Inbound marketing strategies should incorporate these social media into all aspects of your marketing plans to generate more leads.


Your email or contact list is one of the most important marketing assets in your possession. Each and every one of your contacts can help you sell more real estate. These could be existing, or potential buyers or sellers, other agents, or anyone in a profession related to real estate. It never hurts to grow your contacts; you never know who might forward your email or refer your services. The more communication you mail out to your list, more the traffic to your site and more the business.

Have no doubt, Real estate Inbound marketing takes a lot of effort up front; there is no getting around it. Over the long-term, benefits of your inbound marketing efforts will become effective in your real estate practice and help you increase leads and how much real estate biz you can drum up. Do things differently, “Break Through the Clutter” and you are sure to outdo other real estate agents out there.