Pinterest for Real Estate Agents

Pinterest for Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents are some of the best marketers in the real world. Incredibly brilliant at getting to know their clients on a person-to-person basis, connecting with the local market and getting involved with the community.

But they are not very good at doing the same on social media. Admit it! Is it because social media scares you? You only need to think of social on-line like the way you do in the real world!

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, provide a way to reach out to and connect with your local clients and groups, boosting your real estate marketing efforts. Such social interactions can build confidence and widen your network through friends of friends. But how?

Here we’ll have an overview of Pinterest and how real estate agents can make use of the popular platform for marketing. This social site is all about connecting through images. Pinterest provides an amazing avenue to show off the visuals of your listings. As a Realtor, your listings mostly get sold by appealing to visual emotions, right? That's why Pinterest is perfect for you.

On Pinterest, you set up boards and pin images, engage through liking, commenting and re-pinning. A Realtor who does Pinterest very well has a Board for his/her listings, shares personal likings, sports and hobbies, tips, inspirational quotes and more. Market yourself as a trustworthy, real and caring real estate agent.

1. Promote the area of your listings. Create a board about your neighborhood, the amenities, businesses, shops and services available in your locality.

2. Have a Board specifically for your listings and make sure to follow the 80/20 rule. Make sure the listings Board is among your first four. This makes it easier for your listings to get spotted.

3. Show who you are as a person. Set up Boards about your lifestyle and hobbies. Post some of your best snaps if you are an outdoorsman or photography enthusiast. If you play tennis - post about clubs and courts in your locale.

4. Set up boards on Home Decor and Improvement. Appeal to the inner designers in your prospective customers and show off beautiful photos of amazing interiors. Share tips and link to useful and productive sites.

5. Like with Twitter (and Facebook), use hashtags to connect with your market and extend your reach beyond just your followers. Use hashtags that are relevant to your niche and your community. These tags can be geography, listing or image specific.

6. Use contests, sweepstakes or even special offers to generate excitement and gain more engagement that will ultimately result in more clients.

7. Expand your social reach by getting your Pinterest updates on a Pinterest Tab on your Facebook Page. Cross-Promote with a Facebook Pinterest Tab.

Try out a few of the marketing tips above, remember to engage your clients, and use social on-line like in the real world. There are lots of ways to promote real estate through social media.