5 Ways Video can help your online Real Estate Marketing

5 Ways Video can help your online Real Estate Marketing

This is 2016 and we are well beyond debating the importance of videos for a real estate agent to promote his/her business online. The internet is the arena of multimedia content and no amounts of walls of text will get you the leads you seek. Unless you give your prospective customers what they want to see, rest assured that someone else will see to it and reap the benefits. Video is no longer an option, you absolutely positively need it for your online marketing campaign. The more pertinent question is, how do you leverage it better to gain the interest of prospective home buyers out there?

1. The Bare bones basic YouTube video: let us start with the baseline. Check the you tube video results online for property listings in any locality, and see the number of views each video gets. You will be surprised to see that even small town listings get 100s of views, if not more. 90% of customers go online to hunt for homes and agents. Even a basic YouTube video of your listings or agency portfolio can be relied upon to net you a few queries or more. Adding video links to your pages will also increase your visibility to search engine bots in general. 

2. Open house replacements/preludes: people want to get a tour of your listed properties online these days. Customers are less willing to go to open houses based on listings alone.  Sure people still find their way to these affairs, but usually after checking out the house online. So if you really want to boost the footfalls coming into an open house for a particular property, upload some videos showing a full tour of the property.

3. Community and Neighborhood Videos: an overwhelming 80% plus customers go online to find more about the neighborhood and community around the property than the actual listing itself. You can really boost your leads by providing videos showcasing the neighborhood and amenities available near a particular listing.

4. Go casual and social for maximum impact: the real estate businessalso has a human element. People go online not just to hunt for home listings and community info, but also to find reliable agents who care about their customers. So get your human face out there by adding your personal touch and flourish to a self shot video. It could be you taking your viewers for a tour of a property or the neighborhood or just a casual profile piece of yourself. A genuine amateur video showing your friendly side on social media will be ten times as effective as any glib, professionally crafted video ad.

5. Embrace “virtual realty”: especially in the upscale markets, 3D rendering of homes and real time drone captured live feeds of neighborhoods offer a glimpse of the possibilities of rapidly evolving technology. With virtual reality technology like Oculus VR becoming more commonplace, tech savvy realtors are using augmented reality technology to allow customers to take virtual tours of homes online. But their high cost means that these are more tilted towards the top end of the market.