Drip Marketing Emails to Attract Real Estate Investment

Drip Marketing Emails to Attract Real Estate Investment


What is “Drip marketing?” It is essentially the process of drafting emails which can then be automated and send to multiple real estate leads, in order to nurture them through the inbound sales funnel enhancing your relationship in the bargain. Implemented well, drip marketing email campaigns can make your business processes (and life) that much easier.

Once you segregate your lead segments, be it buyer and seller, or new prospect and past client, there are appropriate categories of emails you can draft and automate to get them that much closer to translate into new business. Drip email marketing messages can establish your position as super-successful in your market, educate prospects about the whole buying process and highlight the advantages of your community.

The Latest Homes to Hit the Market (and Not)

Even prospective buyers leads who aren’t actively looking to purchase homes are sure to find these emails intriguing. If you link these new listings to more details, your website these emails will also attract traffic to your digital doorstep.

Apart from the latest properties that have hit the market, be sure to highlight unique or distinct homes in your area. Describe in brief what makes each such buildings or location so fascinating: any characteristics that highlight the property in contrast to others and drives value.

Highlight the Local Community

The most essential thing for a real estate agent is to know your market inside and out. You need to stay abreast of the latest events in the locality and relay the notable parts regarding your locality on your website and through drip email campaigns.

You can easily garner information from your local governing authorities’ website on event calendars and share in details about the specific events you like. Also, patronize relevant and popular local market websites/blogs to discover lifestyle trends and share info on those happening places you visit often. Share those details with your prospective leads to kindle an interest in local listings.

Add more Insight and Perspective

It need not be all from you. You can have former clients or general residents share their own two cents about your market thereby helping nurture buyer leads. This can be a powerful way to show more perspective and especially useful to your buyer clients not living near your market.  This way, they can get a clear idea of what life is like there.

Recent Housing Market Data Trends

Providing up-to-date housing market data trends and statistics, including home prices/valuation, mortgage rates, and sales figures, is a phenomenal way to engage your home buyer audience while raising their awareness of the prevailing market conditions. Not only does this information give them an idea of the current market situation, but it also establishes you as an extremely knowledgeable and reliable person in their eyes. This can go a long way in developing trust with prospective clients. You can issue these on a frequent basis, or leverage it by combining broader general market stats with local conditions.

A Collection of Useful Home Buyer Resources

You need to have some home buyer resource on your website through which you can effectively nurture buyer prospects in your drip email campaigns. Once you have it up and running, drive leads through emails there, highlighting the kinds of advice offered, how it can help in their home search, or vital information they need to educate themselves before entering your market, and how to select the best home for sale that suits their wants and needs.