How Real Estate Professionals Should Make Use of Social Media

How Real Estate Professionals Should Make Use of Social Media

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The success of a real estate business is dependant their performance in the areas of Networking, Referrals and Repeat business.

More than 90 percent of Realtors use social media for their business. They cite exposure, marketing, promotional opportunities and relationship-building as primary reasons for using social media. And since most social platforms are extremely gadget-friendly, your messages are more likely to reach a larger audience.

A third of those who use social media are “comfortable” with it, and one-quarter are “extremely comfortable.”

About three-fourth are active on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Only a rough one-third use Google+ and YouTube.

Very few make use of Twitter.

Evidently, most real estate players know what they’re doing. However, they can still benefit more by optimizing their social media strategies.


Facebook remains the dominant social media network and not without reason. But it’s a highly competitive platform. One needs to stand out from the competition. Don’t use Facebook just to show listings, but use it to communicate with potential clients.

Not everyone researching real estate is looking to buy or sell: many owners search for information on the local real estate market to preserve and improve their property. So it could be useful to offer advise that link back to your website. This way people browsing on real estate in your area will get to know of your services.

Eventually, this strategy to provide information in addition to listings will boost your organic Facebook growth.


Real estate professionals should really increase their activity on Twitter.

Include hashtags for general phrases you want to emphasize, such as the location of your listing or where your business is. This attracts people who are using Twitter to find information about that place and could include prospective buyers/sellers. The fastest-growing group of Twitter users are 55-64, an age group who are likely to downsize or sell.


Real estate is driven by visuals to a great extent, so don't stop posting those photos! Almost every online market research report state that posts or tweets that get shared more are accompanied by graphics.

A couple of years back, Instagram wasn't popular among Realtors. This has drastically changed since then. Instagram grew by 50% from 2013 to 2014, making it the fastest growing social media channel reaching over 300 million users (and counting).

Instagram is a great place to visually show off your listings, but make sure to post original images and videos and not stock images or clip art.

Since Facebook owns Instagram, it makes sense to post your images and videos on Instagram and share it on Facebook as well. You can also gain a bigger audience through the use of Hashtags.

The Rest

It is recommended not to spend too much time and effort on Google+ unless you already enjoy a strong presence. Google+ has been decreasing in prominence and most probably will be transformed it into smaller services like streaming and photo features. It is up to you to decide whether to make use of Youtube or the inbuilt video functionality of other platforms.