How Linkedin Can Increase Your Real Estate Business

How Linkedin Can Increase Your Real Estate Business

You know the ins and outs of real estate marketing for Facebook, regularly post on visual social networks like Pinterest and YouTube and of course tweet regularly to your devoted followers on Twitter.

But LinkedIn? Do you ever make use of this professional network at all? It is an excellent real estate lead generation tool. Data from more than 5,000 companies found LinkedIn produced almost three times more leads than Twitter and Facebook. That doesn't mean you should stop using those platforms, but its high time that you made use of LinkedIn.

Real estate lead generation on this platform requires effort - much more than simply signing up for an account. We have a few real estate lead generation ideas for LinkedIn that can help you increase your business.

Make your presence count.

Once you have created an account, add in all company info. Fill in all of the information about your company on your page, as you would for any other social network.

This would include your website URL, links to other social platforms, and your bio outlining your experience in real estate and the niche areas of your specialty. Add in your past work experience and Realtor certifications.

Create a professional-looking banner image for your Company Page. Your header image should include unique information about your business.

After filling in all of the essential info to your Company Page, think of ways to improve it further and be distinct. Do anything that makes you stand out from the pack. Make your business look like the cream of the crop.

The more you project yourself as a knowledgeable, experienced, hard-working real estate agent, the more likely a prospective lead will approach you.

Utilize the Advanced Search option to connect with locals and leads.

Advanced Search, mostly used by job hunters and companies for hiring on LinkedIn, has other uses that can aid your real estate lead generation. For example, conduct background checks on current leads to scout for prospects.

Do not hesitate to send out personalized messages to people of interest. The key to earning their trust is by being genuine and honest.

Make use of the tag tool to organize your connections. Use whatever organizational system works best for you.

Join or create Groups to reach local community members.

Countless niche groups allow users with similar interests to engage with one another. Join up with real estate–related Groups that match your offerings.

Talking with others from across the country can help you gain perspective and build an online presence. For bona fide real estate leads, look for Groups that include local community members. Then conduct research to see if they meet your criteria for clients.

Interact with these users, engage with them and gauge their interest in your representation. Needless to say, subtlety is vital in these interactions. If you push too hard, you’ll squander any potential leads.

Publish and share compelling content - lots of it

Posting adequate amount of content is essential to attract leads. Blog posts link to opinion pieces, newsjacking articles, and curated pieces. It’s advantageous to find great content from other industry resources and link to them.

Once you have fine-tuned your content strategy, publish or share on your Company Page. As with all the main social channels, it’s good to demonstrate your willingness to go above and beyond to find useful information.

Add social plug-ins to drive traffic.

Use of social sharing buttons expands the impact of your content in a huge way. With the Linkedin button on your Company Page, your followers can easily share your content with their followers thereby increasing traffic to your profile and real estate website.

Use LinkedIn analytics to make decisions.

LinkedIn compiles anything and everything you do. Use the analytics tools to discover and determine the content and strategy that has helped you gain more followers. Figure out the trends and modify your real estate marketing strategies as needed. Analyze your LinkedIn metrics carefully so you can keep generating more and more real estate leads each month.