How Real Estate Marketers can Make Use of Social Media

How Real Estate Marketers can Make Use of Social Media

For the past few years, real estate professionals have overcome the real estate crisis, found creative ways including innovative uses for social media. They are increasingly using photo and videos to enhance listings, along with professional networking sites to hone their sales skills.

Real estate agents, and brokers have found unprecedented successes in lead generation, brand building and of course sales through use of front-line social platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, and LinkedIn.

The essence of these old school veterans utilizing social media is to attract sellers that are looking to list their homes or buyers looking to buy one. Naturally, social media promoters dedicated to real estate are setting up pages on social networks that fit your company's content and audience.

Several group settings on social networks, such as LinkedIn’s group of the National Association of REALTORS, or the Real Estate Photography group on Flickr, are great places to connect and engage with specialized professionals from the real estate industry.

In the real (estate) world, listings, tours and open houses are the first steps in making a sale, and the digital world has clearly made those steps much easier.

YouTube also presents a most effective platform for sharing real estate information. Video shorts enable agents and brokerages to share local knowledge and connect with distant consumers in a whole new way.

If you are an active real estate professional, keep an eye out for ways you can showcase your local knowledge and expertise. Many experts advocate engaging your social media audience with solid industry knowledge and practical expertise, rather than bombarding users with useless and unwanted information.

Experts advise you to promote yourself, your business, and your expertise in your specific area of real estate. Do so with market commentary, statistics and generating awareness. Of course link out to your listings, because some of your visitors will definitely want to look at listings at some point or other.

You should start to see an uptick in interaction, and consequently business as you provide useful, relevant information to others. This is rewarding once an agent [or brokerage] demonstrates superior knowledge about the local area, consumers are more likely to work with them.

Once a lead is generated, there are multiple options for scheduling, and one of the helpful service is that which promises to do away with time zone mishaps, double bookings or email response delays.

Even if an occasional listing may be welcomed by your social media following, it’s highly probable that such listings might not be relevant to most people in a given social media platform. There are a lot of factors that should come together to make a listing relevant to a potential buyer, that includes pricing, size and location.

Apart from connecting with buyers and sellers and networking with your industry peers or lending expert advice, there are many more ways to utilize social media. Real estate pros should refrain from overwhelming their followers and connections with a glut of real estate listings.